She woke up with a pounding headache. What had she done last night? She groaned softly and tried to sit up. A gentle hand on her arm stopped her.

"Lie down," a male voice commanded gently.

"Man, what did I drink last night?" she asked figuring she'd gotten drunk and hallucinated about everything else.

"Nothing," the voice replied, "you're not drunk, just drained from the change. We all feel weak at first but then you feel strong."

"Huh?" Rae asked. This was all making her head hurt even more.

"You belong to the night now, Rae."

"I belong to the what? Look, I don't know what you want but-"

"Rae, can't you feel it? The moonlight holding your body together. You're no longer a logical being you are imagination- you no longer make sense to 'normal' people."

Rae was about to laugh at the lunatic next to her but then she thought about it. She did feel different and in some unexplainable way she trusted the man next to her with her life. It was strange but definitely true.

"Who are you?" she asked softly.

"Erican, my lady."

"Well, Erican, do you think I could get up now?"

He seemed to think about it for a moment before answering. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt anything." he replied hesitantly. Rae began to stand up but almost fell down when the world began to spin. Erican gently slid one of his arms around her shoulders and helped her up. Rae smiled and looked at him through her lashes. She felt waves of power gravitating toward them. Rae had never taken drugs but she imagined that this was what they felt like. She felt like she could do anything.

"I'm still confused," Rae whispered, "the answers are there but I can't reach."

"You're still young. Wait for the power to come to you. It might help if you ignore it."

Rae sighed, "How can I ignore something so perfect?"

It didn't require an answer and they both knew it. Erican led her to a fire in the center of a clearing where a few people were gathered. People. Were they still people? The answer hung just out of reach, floating on the waves of power that were teasing her.

"Rae, this is Tibby, she is one of the more powerful of this group."

Rae looked curious but then smiled. She could sense the girl's power and it was nothing compared to the power waiting for her.

"Well, she's got the smug smile down. I didn't know you'd been training her, Erican," she said teasingly. It seemed out of place in the solemn atmosphere of the forest.

"She learned that on her own, Tibbs," Erican replied barely suppressing a smile. Suddenly a wave hit her. The pure power was better than anything she'd ever experienced before and she opened herself completely to allow it in. She closed her eyes to savor the sensation. Reds, silvers and golds danced across the insides of her eyelids. When she finally opened her eyes she was somehow certain that they had changed.

"Erican," she whispered breathlessly.

"Gods, Erican, look what's happening to your girlfriend," Tibby joked. Wave after wave of power hit her until it was almost painful. She understood, though, that this was what had always been missing. This was a part of her that had been denied by everyone including herself all of her life and now she had it back. It rushed through her body, changing her and making her complete. "Power hungry, isn't she?" Tibby joked.

"Shh," Erican admonished. The power was all in her body now, all of it absorbed into her blood.

"Erican, may I speak to you for a moment?" Rae asked with a mischievous grin on her face. Hair whipped into her face, now silvery white in color, as it should have been. It was her birthright. She didn't wait for his answer and pulled him to the side, just out of the light from the fire.

"Erican, what color are my eyes?"


She smiled. "I knew something was missing. This was it."

He smiled gently and raised her chin so that he could look into her eyes. His lips gently brushed over her own as dark met light and waves of magic rolled around the clearing, more powerful than either of them could have made alone. Rae looked into his dark eyes and grinned impishly.

"I forbid this!" a male voice called out.

"As do I!" a female voice joined.

Rae took Erican's hand in her own.

"Trust me," she whispered.

"You two must not join your power or you will risk everything we have worked for," the man from earlier said.

"I don't care," Rae replied, her magic making her stronger than she'd ever been before, "I'll do what I want and you will regret it if you try to stop me."

"You?" the woman snorted, "You are but a child."

"I am the one you always feared, Marta."

"But that's impossible," the woman whispered.

"I didn't know until you changed me. I have the knowledge to destroy this pitiful world and build my own. I will not let you stop me."

With that, she combined her power with Erican's and aimed it at them. They didn't expect to be hit so hard, that was obvious. Rae savored the screams of the evil as the power whipped out and killed each of their kind. Rae felt their power enter her as pure energy. There is no such thing as evil power only evil vessels who hold it. Marta and Cameron were no more. Now Rae and Erican would rule. They both collapsed onto the ground, drained from the power that had surged through them. A slight smile could be seen on each of their faces. Power.

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