They ended up running through the underground trying to get away from the People who were chasing them. Davvin suddenly pulled her to him and wrapped her in his cloak. Larylath hid himself in much the same manner. The People passed by them without so much as a glance in their direction. Davvin helped her up a slippery ladder and they ended up on a quiet residential street.

            He led her to a house where he obviously lived. It was a normal two-story house. Keora was too tired to pay much attention to anything other than the threatening beings walking beside her.

            "Stubborn," Davvin muttered pulling her into his arms and carrying her to a bedroom. He put her on the bed and watched as she struggled to avoid seep. She finally gave in and her breathing became more even.

            "She's strong," Larylath said complimenting the other man.

            "She couldn't be anything else," Davvin replied glancing at the still alert lines on her sleeping face. He had no doubt that if they made a threatening movement toward her she would wake up.

            "She'll be staying here?" Larylath queried.

            "Yes," Davvin replied. They left her alone but Davvin took the precaution of locking the door securely. There were no windows.

            Keora woke up hours later feeling strangely well rested. She stood quickly and looked around the room. She tried to open the door but wasn't too surprised to find it locked. She was surprised, however, when a young woman unlocked the door and walked into the room. She closed the door again before Keora could react.

            "Hi!" the girl said cheerfully. Keora watched her warily as she went around straightening the room and turning on a bath in what Keora had thought was a closet. Keora backed away. The People rarely bathed since it made it easier for leeches to smell them.

            "It's okay," the petite girl reassured her like she would any animal caught in a trap.

            "Let me go," Keora said, her voice scratchy from talking so much last night. She didn't usually talk, as it would lead leeches to her more surely than even slicing her arm open would. The girl shook her head negatively. This would never work. She reached over and pulled Keora toward her in a fluid motion.

            "Leech!" Keora hissed. The girl shrugged and motioned to the bathtub as if to say get in or I'll make you get in. Keora reluctantly removed her clothes and sat in the water. It was warm and made her feel like melting into it. Her muscles loosened a little and the girl washed her hair for her. Underneath the filth the girl's hair was dark brown with hints of red and black. Keora was finally allowed to get out and the girl helped her dress in black pants and a dark red shirt. She tied her hair back in a ponytail and left.

            Keora sat in the center of the floor waiting for whatever would come. Larylath and Davvin walked into the room. Davvin smiled at the sight of his daughter. She was actually quiet pretty now that they'd cleaned her up. If only she wasn't so serious. Larylath stared at the girl and she stared at him. Her eyes were the only things that looked exactly the same. They were blue-green orbs of light.

            "Let me out," she ordered and Larylath felt a strange urge to do so. Davvin shook his head no and knelt down to hug the girl. Larylath could see the pain in his face as his daughter stiffened in his arms and refused to return the affection. He could also sense the fear that the girl felt being held in Davvin's arms. He began to wonder exactly how she'd act when they took her to the Sanctuary.