The silence shade is drawn
I guess its me and me
Through those times I breathed you in
And I thought you knew
But you've proved me wrong
By all the negativity you put on me

And sometimes I want to scream
But I know you won't hear
And sometimes I want to bleed
But I know you won't see

And I know you cherish that little calf
That little demented calf
And I know the eggshells are sharp
But I am not a punching bag

Your perseption through the stained magnifying glass is unkind
And I tried to comfort myself through the twisted trees
But I found your writing on my breath
And you left my heart soaking wet

Nothing's been the same
Since that little calf dug his hole
His apocalypse was fab
Guess I thought I wouldn't have to be
Under his shoe
His boots leave such a mess

But I guess you can't see
Deny every fiber of this within me
Left my blue cape in the acid rain
I guess under the thatch it will remain the same