A Collection of Poems

Hello! Name's Kitty. Or at least, people call me Kitty. Okay, anyways, I like to write poems. Okay, actually I love to write poems. You know, Haikus, rhyming ones, non rhyming ones, ones with rhythm, etc. It's fun! I have to say, I make highly GOOD poems, too. Yes, some do suck but that's only some.

I've decided to start a collection of poems. It's just that, well, I have a lot of poems. I don't know where to put them. When I feel my muse start to work, I write everything on scrap paper. I never really save it. I just write it, read it over, then, most of the time, I lose it. Bummer, right? A lot of the poems that I have written and lost were really good works of art!

So now that I've discovered Fanifc, I might as well post them here, right? That way, I always know where the "FINISHED" copy of my works are, and plus, I can share them with fellow Fanfction readers. Okay, so here I am, and here you are! You, reading this author's note, and I, waiting for reviews.

Actually, I'm not going to beg and plead people for reviews and stuff like that. I'm just doing this for myself. Not to be praised by the thoughts of people. If you do, however, like my poems, may I say "Thank You"

I greatly appreciate my readers. If you actually want to read ACTUAL Fanfics, I  do have some. None are complete at the moment, but have many chapters. Please enjoy them if you may. However they are all under the subject of Harry Potter. If you do not enjoy them, sorry. I am who I am. And I am Kitty.

Onward with the poems!