Here it comes! Another poem from yours truly. And thank god, I got six reviews for the last poem. That's so sweet of you guys! But I don't really care about reviews.. I just like expressing my thoughts. So. here it goes! //////////////////

(Untitled) By Kathy M.

Everything Happens for a reason,

Though I may not know why

Month after month, season after season,

I watch the days go by.

Not a day comes and passes

Without me missing you,

You tell me that we're history now,

I just hope that isn't true

There's no one left for me

No one who truly cares

I sit and daydream in "our" tree

All the memories we had there...

I think about when

There was still a "You and I"

I miss you and I love you

I sit alone sometimes,

And I start to cry

We used to hang and laugh together

I felt so safe in your arms

We used to think we loved each other

You were my shelter from the storms

I don't know what happened,

All I know is I love you

I'll never let go of what we had

And I know you still love me, too.

(Optional Ending:)

I know that in the end,

Everything will turn out great

Cos You'll always be more than just my friend...

You're my one and only true soul mate


Okay, so now.. If ANYONE copies this without asking me. and I find out. I will go BESERK. So don't you DARE try it. I mean, this is an original, and I mean, everyone's got the right to express themselves. But NO one has the right to copy for their own purposes cos that's just f*cked up. Ahhh.. Well there you have it. a ME! Original.

I wrote this back in the sixth grade, and now I'm in eighth, so don't make fun. It's not best work or anything you know!