Two lovers walk side by side, weaving there way through crowds of Renaissance folk. Between them floats an aura that no one can see, but everyone can feel. A stream runs down the middle of the dusty road where they walk. The man, Taru, sits down on a large rock where the mist just barely blows. His crimson cape spreads out around him covering the gray surface. His mate, Godana, stands before him, the sun reflecting off of the water gives her an angelic look. She relinquishes a silver dagger from her belt and presents it to Taru. With his tan hand he grasps the dagger and puts the blade to his index finger and makes a small incision. Godana repeats what he has done and lifts her finger to his lips, smearing her blood across his bottom lip. Then Taru does the same, his blood matching the crimson lipstick that already covers her lips.

Slowly the two lovers move closer together, there lips touch and they share the perfect kiss. The bonding of blood as well as hearts.