I'm taking a break from my first story "It Does Happen" because I can't think of anything for
my next chapter. I have no muse so I need help, suggestions would be welcome. Anywho, this is just
a test run for a story idea I had. If I get enough reviews for this I'll try to continue. M/M slash.

I just want to say that I love all my reviewers, even the one who flamed me. Apparently that
person can't read summaries.

Oh yeah, the setting in this story is made up.

And now the story...(I really missed typing that)

Dragon and Wolf


Someone once told me that life was fair, and it's the people in life who aren't.

I hated that guy. He was such a jerk. He was the same guy who always called me
an idiot if I didn't get something. He was a horrible teacher, but he was right about

People are all for you if you save their life, but the minute you need their help they
turn against you. Or if you don't save their life to their liking. For example, I saved this woman
from this supervillian and I accidently burned her dress. She went nuts, said she was going to
sue me. Bitch. It was an ugly dress anyway, and so last season.

My name is Darius Jenks. During the day I'm your everyday, average shopkeeper.
Selling my products to other normal people. But by night I'm the Dragon, your everyday,
average superhero and his co-superhero (he'd kill me if I called him a sidekick) Shadow
Wolf a.k.a Jaron Coolidge, the love of my life.

I think I know what you're thinking 'he's just another angsting vigilante like Batman'.
Wrong. Batman is a flake. That guy has no personality, which if you think about it is a pretty
neat trick considering he has two. No,me and Jaron have had no childhood tragedies. Unless
you count the day my dog got hit by a car. I loved that dog.

We had normal lives growing up together as best friends in a small town. There were
a few rough years near the end though. The only known difference between us and everyone
else was our physical abilities. We seemed to be much stronger and faster than everyone else.
The unknown difference was our mental abilities. I am pyrokenetic, Jaron is my tamer. I have
this ability to control and create fire with my mind. Sometimes though, the fire can control me.
That's why I have Jaron, he has telepathic and empathic abilities. He calms me and helps me
control my fire. His telepathic ability also gives us a way to communicate during serious

We're superheroes because it's our destiny. At least that's what the old, mystic guy
said. He was one creepy individual. Anyway, I wanted to tell you my story because we may
not be around for much longer. Jaron and I are in a bad situation right now with no obvious way
out of, except to sacrifice an entire ungrateful city of sorta innocent people. Our life and sacrifice
should be known. Besides, it might make everyone feel guilty.

And now the story...

Ok, what do you think? Tell me if I should continue or take my idea and shove it. Review.
- A.H.