Texas And Cardinals Without Virginia (Of Course You)

It is:
I almost wish that the cardinal would
Not be lovely. Everything is dappled
The sky and
Mottled water
Almost like a
Sickness except the sun is
Well enough and if I were
Not thinking of him,
Tracing out what had been and was not
Mercury the temperature as if it
Made the lasting equation any more nonsensical.

I am dreaming
Of Amarillo with newly-made
Bread and fiddle music. The piebald
Sky is different now the
Cardinal still
Lovely red as the
Liquid telling me it
Is much warmer in Texas and
He may be
At home or
He may not
Be and even if he is passing
Galveston right
Now it is perhaps as inconsequential as the moss
Draping the faux stone.

I would still
Be imprinting my
Eyes with the cross
Of screen mesh,
Wishing that he was