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Chad watched Kyra sleeping peacefully in his lap, her head resting on his chest. Well, maybe sleeping wasn't exactly the correct term, she was out cold from all the alcohol in her system, but she looked like she was simply indulging in an innocent slumber.

Soon after she had finished her tale, she had dozed off, and he hadn't wanted to move her. It felt right with her sleeping so close to his heart.

Despite the relative calm of the scene, Chad was seething with emotions. Anger at the girls was part of it, but he felt a fury towards David that he hadn't even known he was capable of. Even if the event had taken place more than two years ago, it didn't excuse the fact that David had raped his girl, then abandoned her.

His girl. That had a nice ring to it.

It was true that Kyra hadn't really asked him if he wanted to start dating, never mind begin a relationship, but he was sure that it would happen as soon as she woke up.

That didn't look like that was going to happen any time soon, however, and he wasn't sure when her parents were going to arrive. Somehow, he didn't think they'd react to him being there favorably. He had to get Kyra to bed. She'd be able to find some sort of explanation for going to sleep so early.

Carefully putting one arm under her legs and the other under her shoulders, Chad stood up. She was as light as a feather. Kyra couldn't possibly weigh more than 100 pounds.

Unsure which room was hers, Chad checked them all. There were three bedrooms that he encountered, one with a queen bed that he assumed belonged to her parents. The other two were younger looking and girly. He figured that the one with all the art supplies in it was probably the one that belonged to Kyra. Feeling a little strange being in her bedroom, he set her down easily onto her bed, tucking the covers in around her so no one would notice she wasn't wearing a shirt.

Closing her door quietly behind him, Chad finally left the house, locking up before he departed.

All the while, he was trying to control the rage he felt.

Turning on his motorcycle, Chad sped away, going nearly twice the speed limit. He was going to need to go on a long hard ride to help expel some of his emotions.

The next morning Chad arrived at the school with a purpose. The girls weren't waiting for him, so he knew that they'd probably figured out that he was mad at them. He searched for them a bit, but couldn't seem to find even one of them.

A girl that he knew passed by him in the hall, she sometimes hung out with them, sort of, but he knew she didn't really like them.

"Hey Callie," he called, "Have you seen Brittany Framont and her posse?"

Callie nodded, smiling flirtingly at him, which he ignored. "Ya, they're all chillin' in the bathroom near the office." she shrugged. "They've been in there for like 10 minutes."

Thanking her, he went off in that direction. It occured to him that he should find a girl to go in and get them for him, but for some reason, he didn't feel like going through all the trouble. He reached the door with the big 'Ladies' sign in front.

"Ladies, my ass." he muttered, took a breath, and stormed in.

There were few startled shrieks, and two girls he didn't know who'd been in there doing their make-up ran out, calling him unpleasant names under their breath. He ignored them. The girls he was looking for were too scared to move. They just stood there, staring him with wide eyes like deer caught in the headlights of a car speeding at them.

He'd never hit a girl, no matter how much they deserved it, but apparently they didn't know that. There was a second of silence and Chad noticed that Stacey had one hell of a black eye. The other girls sported an odd assortment of scratches and bruises.

Chad smiled to himself for a second, thinking how proud he was of Kyra. That's my girl, fighting back.

"So," he started in a low voice strikingly close to a growl, "I heard you've been bothering Kyra lately." he stood there, arms crossed, waiting for the bombardment of excuses.

Stacey surprised him by getting straight to the point. "Yea, so what? Look what the stupid bitch did to me!" she pointed at her eye. "I swear, she jumped me from behind and got me. I don't see why you like that little slut. You shouldn't hang out with the likes of her."

Chad resisted the urge to strangle her, clenching and unclenching his fist. "First of all, if I ever hear you call her another name again, I'll tell the entire school about the kinky things you do in bed." she turned bright red, looking uneasily at her friends who were giving her strange looks. "And that goes for all of you. I'll make up shit if I have to." he'd dated every one of them, so it's not like the school wouldn't believe whatever he said. People always wanted to know gossip about the 'popular' girls. Whatever he said, it'd spread like wildfire. "Second of all, if one of you ever lays a hand on her again, I'll forget the fact that I'm a boy and beat the crap out of you." he wouldn't, but they didn't know that.

"But Chad..." Stacey whined, "I love you... what do you see in her that you don't see in me? I'm more popular, more pretty, more fun to hang out with. Everything she has that you could like, I have better." Chad shook his head, what she'd just said proved in a nutshell why he didn't like her. She was selfish and self-centered, qualities that were completely alien to Kyra.

With a sigh, he just turned on his heel and walked out the door, running right into the principal. "I'd like to see you in my office, young man." Mrs. Dumont told him firmly.


By the time Chad managed to convince the skeptical principal that he'd had to pee so badly that he hadn't noticed which bathroom he was going in, it was first period.

Walking through the halls, Chad was practically whistling, he was going to see Kyra in a moment and be able to tell her the good news that she didn't need to be worrying about getting harrassed any more.

But when he entered the art class, giving the kindly old Mrs. Carpentar (who was their new teacher) his late pass, Chad saw that she wasn't in her usual seat. He scanned the class quickly, but came to the conclusion that she wasn't there.

Maybe she was late.

By the end of the class, Chad was genuinely worried. Why hadn't she come to school today? Was she avoiding him now that she remembered what she'd said and done yesterday?

He was walking towards his next class, lost in thought, when he saw a slightly familiar face out of the corner of his eye.

David Nohart.

Unable to control himself, Chad rushed at him and clouted him square in the nose.

David yelped a girlish squeel and tried to run away, holding his nose which was now gushing with blood.

Chad grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around, about to punch him again when a strong hand grabbed his arm. Another grabbed his other arm and he felt himself being hauled back away from the cowering David.

Not caring who was holding him, Chad struggled violently, trying to escape, yelling at the wimpering David all the while. "I heard what you did to her, you fuckin bastard! Even your momma wouldn't love you if she found out what you did!" David's eyes widened in surprise and Chad saw comprehension flit over his features.

"Let go of me!" Chad bellowed at the people holding him back before continuing, "I'm gonna get you one day! And if I don't then someone else will because you're worse than scum, you wouldn't even be decent company to a piece of shit!" Chad clawed fiercely at the air in front of him, struggling and roaring more insults before he finally regained enough of his sense to calm down.

He realized that the two people holding him back were his coach and the basketball team captain. Both of them were looking at him as if he had grown two heads. Chad heaved a sigh and stopped struggling. "It's okay, you can let me go now."

They both hesitated, before finally one, then the other let go of him. "Come with me." Coach O'Connel murmered, and for the second time that day, Chad found himself being led to the office. As he walked through the halls, he saw fingers pointing at him and bits and pieces of whispers.

"Got in a fight with...heard that he...David Nohart...girl named Kyra...rumors about... defending..."

Chad grinned sardonically. Good, he hoped they all knew that he was defending Kyra's honor.

"Mr. Parker." Mrs. Dumont looked over the rims of her glasses at him. "This is the second time I've seen you today." she paused for a couple moments. "Would you like to talk about it?"

He shrugged, looking her in the eye, he wasn't ashamed of what he'd done. He'd do it again if he had to. "Not really."

She nodded thoughtfully, looking over papers in her hand which he knew were his record and the report of the fight, "Well, considering you've been in this school for more than three years, and we've never any real problems with you, I think it's just a little odd that you manage to have to see me not once, but twice today."

He didn't reply.

"If you don't talk to me, I can't help you, Chad." pulling off her glasses, she set them down on the table, along with his record. "Are you having problems at home? You may not think so, but the school can help."

"No, it's nothing like that." he muttered.

"Let's see, how do you know..." she glanced down at the report on her desk, "David Nohart?"

"He's a senior, so I've seen him around, but I don't really know him."

"Hmmm, so what did he do that made you decide to start a fight with him?"

"He fucked with my girl!" Chad was taken aback when he realized the unintentional double meaning to his words.

Mrs. Dumont, however, was only startled at his vehemence. "There's no need to swear, Mr. Parker. This is part of the school, like any other part. Swearing is against the rules." she hesitated, "Are you willing to tell me what David did?"

Before he could reply, she held up a hand, "Nevermind, I don't think this is either the time nor the place."

The principal furrowed her eyebrows, "I should suspend you for 45 days, Mr. Parker, but considering your good record, I think I'll make a deal with you."

He waited to hear the terms.

"If you promise to go to your counselor when someone's bothering you instead of getting into fights, I'll let you off with a warning. I also want you to give Mr. Nohart both a written and a spoken apology. However, if I find out you've been causing more trouble, you'll be expelled. Do I make myself clear?"

Chad nodded. He'd thought that he was going to be suspended, which meant he wasn't allowed to be on the basketball team anymore, Mrs. Dumont was giving him a second chance. He didn't know if he would be able to give David an apology though.

"All right. I'm going to send you home now to cool off, I don't think today would be a productive day for you if you spent it in school." She pushed a button on her desk and leaned in closer to speak into a micriphone looking thing. "Nancy, Mr. Parker is going home now, please write him out a slip." Apparently, she was speaking to someone in the office through the intercom. Standing up, she stuck out her hand. Chad cautiously stood as well and shook it.

"Good day Mr Parker, and I hope I never have to see you again."

Instead of going home, Chad found himself riding towards Kyra's house. He had to know why she hadn't come to school today.


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