By:Andrew Troy Keller

Founder's Day,in Bacon County,Utah,was a day of celebration for everyone--except poor Bobbi-Jo Hunnicut.
"Bobbi-Jo?",asked a concerned Elenor Hunnicut."Are you alright,darlin'?"
"I don't know,mama.",answered a saddened Bobbi-Jo."It's just that I feel something's missing from my life."
"Oh,nonsense,honey.",said a hopefull Elenor."Now,why don't you get ready for the Founder's Day picnic."
"O-kay,mama.",said a smiling Bobbi-Jo.
Then,as Bobbi-Jo was checking on her hair,a misty form of a little girl had appeared on the mirror.
"Why,mommy?",asked the sad-faced girl."Why don't you love me anymore?"
All Bobbi-Jo had done was look at the girl with fear.
"Bobbi-Jo?",asked a confused Elenor."Are you alright,sugar?"
Bobbi-Jo had turned towards her mother,and then,towards the mirror,where there was nothing,but her own reflection.
"Bobbi-Jo?",asked a worried Elenor.
"I'll--I'll be alright,mama.",answered a confused Bobbi-Jo."Just had a spell,that's all."
After they were both ready,Bobbi-Jo and Elenor had left for the picnic.
At the picnic,Bobbi-Jo's best friend,Debbie Woods was in charge of the kissing booth,and depressed.
"Hey,Debbie.",said a smiling Bobbi-Jo."How's it going?"
"Four guys-four dollars.",answered Debbie,after she had shown Bobbi-Jo the money."Where had I gone wrong?"
But,just as Bobbi-Jo was about to answer,the girl had reappeared,and asked,"Why don't you love me,mommy?"
A shocked Bobbi-Jo had turned,and yelled,"DEBBIE!!"
"What is it,Bobbi-Jo?",asked a confused Debbie.
But,when Bobbi-Jo had looked back,the girl was gone.
"Nothing,Debbie.",answered a terrified Bobbi-Jo."Nothing at all."
Then,Bobbi-Jo had sat under a large tree,and was wondering what was wrong with her life.
She had found out,however,that it was a baby.
Bobbi-Jo was once pregnant with an unborn female,but then,had decided to have an abortion.
Five years later,she has found out that what she had done was wrong.
She had also knew exactly what to do.
At the Hunnicut home,Bobbi-Jo had wrote a note,which had read:
Dear mama;
I want to say good-bye.
You will not see me again.
I love you all the same.
Then,she had gotten into her car,and drove away from the Hunnicut home,and out of Bacon County.
Four minutes later,while she was on the turnpike,she had swirved-off of the road,and plumpeted ten feet to her death.
The State Patrol were there,and had never understood why she had committed suicide.
Her mother and best friend were there,and also wanted answers.
So far,there were no answers.
All they had done was transport her body back to Bacon County,where they had given her a decent funeral,and buried her in the local cemertary,with a tombstome which had read:
We've loved her with all our hearts.
After the services,two misty figures were standing over Bobbi-Jo's grave.
It was the girl and Bobbi-Jo,and they were holding hands.
"I love you,mommy.",said the smiling girl.
"I love you,too,sweetheart.",said a pleased Bobbi-Jo.