In the darkness I wait

The shivers creeping up my spine

I wait for the one they call fear

Hidden among the corners of my mind

Soon it appears, worse than before

It feels tangled in the absence of my brain

The darkness comes crawling in

I wonder if I’m finally going insane

Tentative at first, it slices into my skin

The power of it enters my frail heart

In one instant the lights go out

And I am left alone in the dark

Now you know why I’m not myself

The venom itself has entered my bloodstream

And trapped inside are my unheard cries

Compressed in the dark is my desperate scream

Please forgive me for what I’m about to do

But both my mind and heart agrees it’s right

To tired to face anymore, I’m finally leaving it behind

The loss of strength before leads to the absence of fight

Take my broken wing and bury it for me

Remember my words so that if it comes once more

You can grant me a second chance to fly

But until then I’m too afraid to soar.