I’m sitting here in complete silence

trying to stay awake

trying to get away from all the violence

trying for my own sake

trying to find a reason to live

wondering how death sounds so nice

i have nothing else left to give

so now I’ll pay any price

could you please silence these sceams in my head

just for a little while

lay me down in my bed

oh these illusions are so vile

the smell of death is all around

it fills the midnight air

jumping and trembling at every sound

now anymore I don’t even care

no thank you, I’ll just stay right here

in my little spot

my only posession is my fear

to stay like this and rot

my thoughts and my feelings I have condemned

keeping them locked inside

when will this torture ever end?

All I can do is cower and hide

I don’t what else to do

I don’t know what else to say

But I know atleast one thing is true

You can’t help me anyway