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Betraying the Rainbow

I felt you plucking my insides -
you were never one of my kind.

I lived my paperdoll existence
in a 2-D world,
squeezed for every last molecule of oxygen
and starving for humanity
to come and rescue me.

I was a puppet
and the children my masters.
Each string you pulled in turn
pulled out my teeth -
I couldn't bite them that way.

For you I had spun straw into gold;
in return, you made me cold.

On the lonely corner of mud and tears,
a line of dirt
streaked across my lower lip
made me wonder why
society was held together by superglue.

Please explain to me
why the execution of harmony
can move the smallest of souls
but any death
only elicits a cruel smile?

I turned my back on the rain,
and you still didn't know my name.

Right. Inanity and pointless drivel. Can anyone give me their interpretation of what the title's supposed to mean? Because I sure don't know...-_- Anything is appreciated. (Cookies?)