Okay. I rather like this one. The title (so graciously translated into Latin by A.J. Peart) means "life is only a play" (or was it story?). Oh well, in any case, enjoy and please leave a review!

Vita Solum Fabulam Es

My limp fingers drag,
ripped and stitched,
torn and glued back,
a million times in much the same way.

The string is your command -
each knuckle knotted
like steps along a rope ladder,
ten in all.

Perseverance and faith has led me here.
Now what?

How do you expect me
to escape from your deathly grasp
when I'm so tightly bound
to your will, your wish?

The caged bird cannot sing...

No, she is too tighly gagged,
too often drugged,
too harshly beaten -
flesh-wrought wings gone unhealed.

You've kept me here,
locked inside my own hellish brain
trapped by dishonest dealers of luck
and earthly chains of weakness.

And yet, I'm free.
Because I wish to be free.

You may have my soul,
but I have your heart.
And the heart is more fallible
than the most gullible fool.

Because love is blind.

so, my blind master,
wait patiently...

Because after the last show,
when the curtain is down,
your obsession will be
the key to this lock.

A bit morbid. I seem to have a *thing* with hands and wings. (Remember the pigeon?) [shrugs] At least I'm writing again. ^_^