1 -Look and Laugh-

In a world where everybody looks

Always up at the sky

Not everybody knows to laugh

So their hearts aren’t free to fly

Live and learn from this glorious world

Just smile and close your eyes

And think about your favorite place

And never tell yourself lies

Just take it all as a game

And live while staying true

Just look up and laugh out loud

And always see things through

Never act so serious

And always just have some fun

But do it all in good nature

So you never have to run

Don’t ever insult another tastes

Just have an open mind

If you don’t like another’s ideas

Then just walk away and remain kind

People live and people learn

And even in constant strife

Wouldn’t everything be better

If we lived a humorous life?

So just burry your fears and pains

And get rid of your evil half

Just smile to yourself and forever be kind

So why don’t we all just look and laugh?