The Sun Also Rises And It Is Nine O'clock At Night

I was reading Hemingway
And wanting to read
Fitzgerald but it would
Be exactly the same. There
Is only one
Fitzgerald novel that is
Like reading Fitzgerald.
I meant holding. I believe I did?

I ran the dog liking how the
Sky was low and
Humid and clinging in screened over colors
To me and like my shirt and unlike
My shirt.
Enjoying the two
Men marveling over the
White car across (they
Are gone now) one was
Tall I am thinking
Of reading Fitzgerald.
I should
Know D.H. Lawrence James

There is much to do

I am watching
The night fall upon the
Telephone wires and
Some birds are still
Exalting. It is almost June and I am
In Love and I will
Read Fitzgerald or finish
Hemingway and not
Go to West
Virginia. Or Paris.
The men
Are gone
And there are
No green lights to-night
And I do love Fitzgerald
Besides being in