Something right

Sometimes at night I just lay there

trying to fall asleep.

And I imagine that I have done

Something worthwhile.

Like I save a little kid

from a burning building.

Take a bullet for

someone I don't know,

take a sword for

one of my friends, or

even and explosion for


In my half dreaming state

When I have saved someone

I am always lying there

Dieing, bleeding to death,

drowning, or suffocating.

But, I never care. Because

I know that I did something


As I die in my dream my

breaths in reality slow

My heart slows as well

I cry out in my sleep that

I love all of my friends. And

I am glad to have known them.

I lay there crying silently in my room

Not sad tears but tears of joy.

Knowing that I finally

Even if only in a dream

I finally did something right

In my God forsaken life.