Telling "Barry" About Certain Dreams And Things

We are talking(without) imagining
Winston Churchill as a
Jedi Master and you
Are laughing(without). I cannot tell, you playing
Out to and
De Gaulle…Giraud because I do not remember
The names of any Italian generals. I suppose I will
Sometime. Hello! You
Are lovely
To-day but when are you not? It is
Dusty and humid out I still
Wear a gray jacket you clamping
Down as if on a fancy
Cigar, growling imitations do you
Do accents?
I enjoy
Unreality…the small scraps of
Reflective foil, let us go to
Paris…come, be my expatriate…my Fitzgerald and I will
Bring our own greenish shining Symbol
Hello darling! I am not
Speaking to you but I am when
Do I not, mixing location and
Culture and the lovely crossing
Colors of
Some dreams.

Churchill with a light-saber is
My fixation. You are the Premier
Of France. You are a Bersaglieri with plumed
Cockade and Roman bearing. You are a
Polish cavalry general
And I
Love you.

A/N: To ShinigamiForever: Lol, nope, I have not given up "Barry" for Zachary. Zachary is actually my older cousin…he and "Barry" simply have similar features ^-^