Confusions Resulting From The Crimean War And Him

"Cr" is Chromium.

I am thinking of Crimea, to-day
I must resemble the
Light Brigade. Afterwards I will
Tell you that. It still may not
Be true and you
Are not
Russian anyway so if
Crimean meant
A thing to you the I shall be

If in staring long enough the symbols form themselves into the constellations of battles and war, then your name
Echoes only
From across the hall.
Your nearness is distracting,
(Einkreisung) something to start
a war over only I am not
sure who I should be
fighting. There are no Allies here.

"Cr" does not
mean Crimea. I have
established that. I have
nothing made of
chromium only a silver
necklace and the stringing
golden lace of your
voice which is not Russian
nor English and therefore
nothing else should
matter at all.

What else would Tennyson write of? I am the Light Brigade today and the Balance of Power is momentarily