My Translated Smile For Him

How he knows I am smiling
For him. Like something
Translated: incomplete and
What is lost
Between the stretched phrases
And added
Verbs to compensate for linguistic
Incongruities. That is my smile. He may
Know. It is summer for
Once! The breeze is against
The gravel
Roof. Everything is green like
A Frost poem and the
Sun is making Western friezes
All upon the
Cathedral walls of the
Stucco building
Across the
Roof. There are shadows. My
Smile is for him my hair
And eyes my sound of steps
And the floor is packed stone it is dulled gray.
I am not. My smile is for
Him the sounds of the motored
Places overhead measuring the radius
Of sky and town
He is underneath that:
And the killdeer upon the gravel
Roof whistles I am smiling.

My smile is for him. And he may
Just know he may just hear the shorebirds
Pattern the sand and
The plane as it dances with the
Heat of sun and updrafts, the reflective metal and