My Very First Dream: Me in Wonderland

[A/N: I got bored today, so I decided to post some of my more interesting dreams, starting with this one, which I still remember quite vividly.]

I dreamt the very first dream I can remember when I was seven years old. It began as I walked down a street near my house, with my neighborhood on the left and a wooded ravine on the right, when I noticed a huge giant coming from the
opposite direction. This strange occurence drew a crowd of people, all wanting to see the giant. The giant, however, came directly to me, picked me up like one would a small glass figurine, told me, "Hi," and set me down again.

After this, I walked near the edge of the ravine, and I guess I tripped because the next thing I remember was tumbling down past trees and branches until I hit a pile of sticks. I had time only to glance at it before I was transported somewhere else.

I was in the sanctuary of a church. I remember distinctly the dark red velvet carpeting and pew upholstery. The wood on the ends of the pews and of the pulpit was dark and polished. Then I saw, in the front right-hand corner of the sanctuary, a portal with two different entrances, one marked, "Me," and the other, "Visitor." Between these two entrances sat a potted sunflower. I walked toward the portal, and the sunflower came to life. It jumped out of its pot and used its roots as legs. It took me by the hand and led me through the entrance marked, "Visitor," and we emerged upon yet a different setting.

This time in a football stadium, in the stands, I noticed that the football players were Care Bears as the sunflower led me to a seat, which happened to be by the Queen of Hearts from the animated Disney version of "Alice in Wonderland." She ate a chef salad and shared it with me, and I became friends with the Queen of Hearts.

That is when I woke up.