Card Board, Mosquitoes, and Lawn Mowers

Back when "Step by Step" was still on TGIF, and Carol (the mother) was pregnant, I had this dream. The first thing I remember was being in a hospital, only it was the pet store in the mall, and the ICU was a cardboard playhouse. Well, Carol had her baby, and I guess a bunch of Girl Scouts were waiting to hear whether it was a boy or girl because they were having a skating party next to a balcony (insane!) in our mall. Several of the Girl Scout camp counselors and I led the girls in a few songs, including one about mosquitoes.

The next thing I remember was mowing the "lawn," but it was actually a garden, and eavesdropping on a conversation between my Dad and the music minister at my church, Dave, who were in a house with only three walls and no roof, giving me a perfect view of its innards. Dave expressed his concern that he was going to be out of town and wouldn't be able to lead choir practice, so my Dad (who is not very musically inclined) volunteered to fill in.

Finally, everyone from my church was on a journey, walking beside a stream toward distant mountains. We all sang and were having a jolly ole time when I felt someone shaking me, saying, "Wake up." Annoyed, I supposed it was my brother. So I thought to myself, either I can kick him and wake up, which I didn't particularly feel like doing, or I can stay asleep and let him annoy me to death. So I kicked.

I opened my eyes. There was no one in the room. I asked my whole family about it later. None of them had tried to wake me up. Weird, huh?