Title: "Delusions and Images"

By: Shinga

Disclaimer; All my twisted ideas... mine :p

A/N: I felt like writing something particularly odd and a little dark... and I didn't really want it to make sense at first, but there is abstract meaning. Insanity, of course... driven into a dark hole by reality until you delight in things unholy and inhuman, dancing in delusion and ignoring everything but slowly killing yourself. No, I'm not at this point yet, but I'm still depressed... :P http://www.deadjournal.com/users/shinga_kitty/ more can be found there about my situation and my suck-ass life. I HATE growing up...


Feverish ranting, jealousy chanting

Red moon glowing through a half cracked pane

Broken wings falling and shattering silently

Letting delusions and images cloud

Listen to breathing, sound without screaming

Silver pool shimmering and saying our name

Birds on the wall with bright bloodshot eyes

Letting delusions and images cloud

Searching not trying, bleeding not dying

Shadows with names search for death without pain

Vines on the pews who crack holy woodwork

Letting delusions and images cloud

Carpet like grass, and eyes just like glass

Scratch marks and sanity formulate words

Walls that can bleed and windows can sing

Letting delusions and images cloud

Crippling spiders, and breaking our cider

Clawing at skin to release butterflies

Color like blackness moves like snakes in the door

Letting delusions and images cloud

Dancing and twirling, swooning and swirling

Falling but never to hit the cold ground

Mid air is like snow but the wind is like fire

Letting delusions and images cloud

Gentle warm ice, this is our paradise

Created and molded by twisted dark smiles

Dancing and laughing and playing our game

Letting delusions and images cloud


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