Author's note: I know this is outdated, but give it a chance. The tune is set to "Camp Grenada" or "Dance of the Hours", for anyone who cares.

"Camp Osama"

Hello muddah, hello faddah,

I am writing from Camp Osama.

It is stupid, it is stinky,

There's this donkey that almost bit my pinky.

It didn't hurt, I didn't cry,

I didn't feel it, I didn't die,

I merely kicked him, and I cuss-ed,

I made a fool outta myself for all this fussin'

Then I met Mr. Osama,

He say "I kill you, I kill yo' mama",

So I kick him in the groin,

He kneel down on the floor and say "OY!"

Now I'm stuck up in this prison,

Waitin' for my releasin'

Til' that day that I am free,

I will kick and fight and hit and bite and scream!

Goodbye muddah, goodbye faddah,

Goodbye stupid Camp Osama!

I am leaving, I am gone,

Soon as America drops off their little bomb!

I am happy, I'm not mad,

Taliban's gone, I am glad!

Hey lookit! That bomb fell!

Looks like we will be seeing you in Hell!