Chapter One

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Thirteen-year-old Tornae Velk looked across the endless plain just outside of the town. This had always been her special place to come when she was in turmoil, and now was one of those times.

The same thing had just happened, like it always did. Her mother had told her to prepare herself for the day, and with only a thought, she was ready. But this always happened after her mother had left the room. Tornae was still puzzled.

Tornae could not remember when all this had started--and she had managed to keep it a total secret. But now, she was afraid that it would come out. She just wished she knew what was happening.

Tornae sighed and stood, and started back home.


Tornae stared down at her studies in the small school room, wishing the day to be complete, but she still had three more lectures to listen to. Her mind shifted from her studies about the earth to the fresh air outside, just beyond her reach. The flowers were just blooming, a few birds were just hatching. Another family was now more complete. Suddenly, a shadow blocked her view of the window. Expecting the worst, Tornae looked up and saw the master, Mr. Folka.

"I asked you a question, Miss Velk. I expect an answer."

"Ummm. . . what was the question again? I am having hearing problems."

The whole classroom erupted laughing. Mr. Folka did not see the humor in Tornae's response. "I bet you are, little one. Perhaps, an hour after school hours will cure your little hearing problem?"

Tornae groaned, wishing those birds or any other animals would come in and attack him. "Yes, sir, I am sure it would."

Mr. Folka opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by the angry screech of turkeys and birds, the thump-thump-thump of rabbits and deer, and countless other animals. They all attacked Mr. Folka, who was running around like his head was severed from the body. The class was having a great time, and Tornae also joined in the laughing. Mr. Folka was swatting birds away from him, kicking at turkeys, and being kicked by deer. Somewhere in the middle of all the ruckus he yelled out, "Class dismissed!" The class cheered and was out the door.


Tornae smiled as she remembered the day as she sat in her bed, but frowned when she realized that she had caused that. Mr. Folka was now in the care center downtown, with scratches and bruises all over him. They would not have lessons for the rest of the week. Everyone was wondering why the animals had attacked him--everyone that is, except Tornae.

Events like this one had happened more than once in Tornae's presence. She knew that she was unique in the village--no one else had ever had an ability like this. Animals were always attracted to her, and she was always attracted to animals. She thought it was just chance, but as she grew older, she knew it was more.

Tornae had heard the animals, actually understood them, today at lessons. They had wanted to harm Mr. Folka because they had sensed her thoughts that she wished them to do this to Mr. Folka. They had enjoyed getting a little exercise-and fun.

Now even her pet was talking to her. Perhaps she was just going mad, why that would cause something like animals attacking her teacher, she did not know. All Tornae knew is that it had to stop, before she really did go crazy.


Tornae sat up in bed, and looked to see the time. 2:00 A.M., too early to get ready for the day. She tried to remember why she had woke up so early. She thought she had better get a towl from her closet. The closet doors opened like butterflies, and a towl flew into her hands. Tornae just stared at it, her mouth hanging open like a cave.

So now I can call objects to me, she thought, what next? I can speak the wind?

She should not have asked. A gust of wind came up, blowing a piece of pottery off Tornae's shelf. It shattered like thunder. She stood up on the cold wood floor, causing her to become more aware of the night. She held up her hands and pushed them forward. The wind blew backwards with such force that it knocked over the 200 year old tree in the front yard. The crash shattered the tree and the well next to it. A light went on in her parents' bedroom, and she quickly crawled back into bed, but not after lowering her hands quickly to stop the wind.

I can control the wind because I understand it, I can persuade animals because I understand them. That's why! But how do I control this power?


Tornae walked down the stairs to the kitchen, where her father was reading the paper and her mother was washing dishes. Her younger brother was there, running around at her mother's feet. Her twin brother was now coming down the stairs, hair nothing short of a bird's nest.

"What was that big noise last night?" Her twin, Adam, asked.

"Gust of wind," her father mumbled, "Knocked down the tree and the well."

"That must have been a strong wind to knock that tree over," Adam pointed out.

"It was. The weather people downtown said that their instruments couldn't even register how fast it was blowing."

Tornae whistled in amazement, "Wow, that certainly is powerful. Need help cleaning up?"

"Yes, Tornae, I could use your help. Adam, would you help us, as well?"

"Sure, Dad, no problem. Come on, Tornae, last one there has to cook tonight!"

Tornae was out the door before Adam was even to the table where she had been standing.


Tornae ran to the tree and touched it and yelled to her twin, "Looks like you get to cook tonight!"

Adam finally caught up to her, breathing heavy and laughing at the same time. "I guess I am. Whoever cleans this up the fastest can cook their own food!"

Tornae laughed and wished the tree would just disappear, along with the mess. The tree disappeared.

Adam stopped laughing and stared where the tree used to be, along with Tornae. Adam looked back to her, "Did you do that?"

Tornae shrugged. Her father came running up to them. "Which of you did that?"

Adam pointed to Tornae. "She did!"

Her father looked to her, "Come with me, my daughter."

Tornae was helpless to follow.