I Am Everything

I am the water, the water is me.
It shows my emotion, my need to be free.
It's flow is my heart, it's depth my mind.
But I'm also the storm, the mean and unkind.

I am the fire, the fire is me.
I burn full of passion that no one can see.
It's fiery movement is just like my quest.
But when it burns down, I'm just like the rest.

I am the earth, the earth is me.
Although I am stepped on I live happily.
I give plants nutrition, I give them support.
But if I ain't happy, I can shake a fort.

I am the air, the air is me.
I know I'm essential, and so it will be.
I give you your life, I fill up your soul.
But I have a temper, and you'll pay the toll.

I am the shadows, the shadows are me.
I live for the sad times and what shouldn't be.
I bind you with evil, I suck out your soul.
But sometimes to help you can be my main goal.

I am the light, the light is me.
I give inspiration on land and on sea.
I show you the road, I help you and such.
Be careful, I blind you if you take too much.

I am everything, and everything's me.
I am anything that you can and can't see.
I have many faces, but still stay the same.
I play all positions in Nature's wild game.