Every smile, every sigh
Every time that you walk by
Is only a painful memory
Of what was never meant to be
Every smile, every stare
Betrays what never once was there
And every grin that I would see
Was never once meant for me
I was looking for what wasn't there-
Pulling hopes out of thin air
So what happens when faced by rejection?
Still more room for painful reflection
And every time that you strode by, my
Soul would sprout wings and start to fly-
But I now realize that this is the end
And to think we could never say we were friends
While I thought rejection would put chaos in its place-
And yet, I still long for that smiling face
While every morning, every day
Shows that love won't just go away
And every time I see you here
Serves to prove you're far, but near
Every stumble, every fall
Proves you never cared at all-
And though I always loved from afar,
I'll never forget who you were- and are . . .