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Rod came back today. I went to meet him at the airport, and he showered me with gifts and random things he'd bought in the UK. I was slightly worried that my shopping obsession might have passed onto him, as he got night- vision goggles, small toy unicorn figurines, choc-vanillia acid drops (YUK), a blow up boat, and a high resolution digital camera, duty free. That he showed me. I'm sure I caught him stuffing something bright pink down the back of his sock drawer when I walked into the bedroom.

I didn't mention that thing with Emmanuel to Rodney. He had enough to worry about. Besides, the bruises aren't all that bad - and I am pretty sure that I wasn't effected by it in any other way... should I be going to a doctor, I wonder? I'm afraid of what they might find. But I'm also afraid of what might happen to Rod if I don't. what If I'm sick or something? I don't want to give anything to him.

I took an early fight back - the whole conference was really just a gratification of Andrew Loyd Webber - and there was next to nothing I didn't know about that man anyway. Teucer met me at the airport, wearing this high-necked dark grey skivvy, which went perfectly with his pretty dark eyes. Somehow he looked a little different - like something was making him sad, or something, but he was probably just missing me - his whole face positively lit up and shone when he saw me.

Teucer was somewhat quiet, well, quieter than usual on the drive home, when I asked he said he was worried that he might have left something burning on the stove. That was nothing like him at all. When we got home, he had lain out some of my favourite foods, and while he insists he is just and average cook, he is so much better than me, or either of my parents, having Tuu's cooking is like eating from a restaurant.

I stacked the dishes into the drainer while Teucer went about his coffee making ritual. I finished while he was watching the polished chrome kettle boil.

"hmm... so good to be home..." I slid my arms around his waist and kissed the side of his neck. "I missed you."

He blinked slowly. "I missed you too."

Teucer leant away from me and picked up the kettle. Curioser and curioser. Tuu usually never put food over the chance to be affectionate... Not to be put out, I waited while he made himself the drink - I'm not really a big coffee drinker, and so was opting for something else to amuse me...

"So was everything okay while I was gone?"

"I quit my job yesterday."

"What?! Whatever for?"

"It wasn't really what I wanted to do."

"Oh... k then."


"Is everything else okay?"

there was a long pauze. Too long. Way, way too long. Teucer was staring off into the distance again. I thought maybe he was out of it off in dreamland again, but then he answered.


So said he. Teucer moved slowly to pour the kettle. I watched him. Something had happened. I'm sure. Why wouldn't Teucer tell me?

"we need to get more coffee at the shops tomorrow."

"I'll pick some up on my way home from work."

Tuu nodded. All his movements were so measured, so slow. It reminded me of a performance of Three Sisters that I'd seen in France.

I played with the dial on the radio till I found a station playing pop music. Teucer leant against the bench and sipped his coffee meditatively.

"Come to bed, Teucer."

"Alright. I'll be there in a second"


I went into the bathroom, and started brushing my teeth. I still had a feeling that perhaps something had effected Teucer more than he was letting on, but had no idea what. I shrugged and ignored my feelings as I spat into the sink, and got changed. A few minutes later, Teucer padded into the room and switched the light off. It was good to be home.

I suppose, looking at how much Tuu always hates his jobs, that I got really lucky with mine. I just love it all. I'm starting to write my own musical. I'm not sure on a title yet, but I'm working on it. This means staying home more. Teucer is helping with some of the Lyrics. He seems to have brightened up more now I'm around all the time. Tuu has a good voice, and took piano lessons when he was a kid, so he knows the notes. And while I'm working out words, he's laying on the floor drawing pictures of how he thinks the character's costumes should go. There are about fifteen main characters, however quite a large cast. I once read that Shakespeare uses characters and then throws them away, and I like that idea. It seems more realistic, that all the acquaintances who don't have a major role in your life take some position. Tuu could probably tell you more about the psychological aspects that the unknown and mystery play on someone's brain.

See, I want my musical to be funny, and intelligent, and have so far managed to stuff so many jokes into it - most of them the sort only a Lit professor would get, but still... I showed the first scene to my producer on Thursday - he loved it, and I'm pretty sure he didn't get more than a fraction of its content. He offered me a contract for it then and there (the finished script, mind you, but still) although I left him hanging, and am thinking I'll shop around. Sheffield even let me take the rest of the week off (he wants it SOO bad... *evil chuckle*) so I could go home and work on it.

I took a cab home - I remember when Tuu first got here, Yellow taxis fascinated and terrified him, he would hail one, then spend ten minutes making sure the door handles worked from the inside. So cute. I hummed my theme song from my new score, as I happily trotted inside our building.

"I'm HO-OMME!!!"

No answer. Odd. I watzed into the kitchen. Teucer was sitting at the table, staring straight ahead.


He didn't even blink. I dumped my bags, and looked back at him. I waved my hands in front of his face, and danced around trying to get his attention.


I got this sudden pang of worry, and grabbed his shoulders. He didn't react.


I gave him a shake.


I patted his cheek. When this didn't do anything, I gave him a slap. (Yea, bitchy, I know, but I think I panicked) Teucer blinked, then shook his head. He looked up at me, and smiled.

"Hey there."

"What happened?"

"Must have zoned out."

"Are you okay?" I released his shoulders, and took up one of his hands. It was really cold. "Teucer? look at me. I was worried."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just off in dreamland, that's all."

I frowned. Teucer didn't usually tune out like that at home. And he usually responded whenever anyone said his name, or gave him a nudge.

"are you sure?"

"Yeah, course. How come you're home early?"

He changed the topic. I was very aware of the fact that Teucer obviously didn't want to talk about what had just happened. I resolved to watch him very carefully from now on, and allowed the subject of our conversation to change. But he had really freaked me out...

Another day passed. More time to worry.

I went down to the shops. Bread, milk, fruit, veges. . . When I got back, Tuu wasn't in the house. The door to the roof was propped open with a brick. I went out there, trying not to get apprehensions again. He was sitting on the roof, looking out over the river. I walked out to him. There was a good view down the street to the water. It was amazing, I wouldn't have thought you'd have been able to see it, but . . . well, there it was. Although our building was in no way the tallest in the area, the road curved around so we could see it.

"Hey there." I sat down next to him, on a pile of slabs. I think whoever lived here was either Italian, or a guy who laid sidewalks. Maybe both.

"hm." He gazed out at the water. Teucer turned to look at me, and I could see a sheen on his face. Had he been crying?

"what's up?" I gently brushed the hair out of his face.

"I gotta go back."

I froze. "what?"

"My visa's nearly run out." He looked up at me, his eyes clear, pupils tiny black dots. "and my grandpa died. I really should go to the funeral."

"I thought your family hated you."

"even so. And while I'm over there, I should consider what I need to do to become a citizen."

"I thought you'd got that sorted."

"no, no. I need to apply for a joint citizenship from over there."

"I see."

He shrugged again. "it's really just an etiquette thing. I only need to stay about a week."

I put a hand on his knee. Teucer wasn't so close to his family. He like never spoke about them. I hadn't even known he had a grandpa.

"Rod . . . I know you're busy, but . . . would you come with me? Please?"

As Teucer turned away from the light his pupils got bigger.

"of course I'll go with you." I'll take the time off work. Sheffield with throw a spak, but I don't care. I'm not working on anything specific right now, and besides . . .

He gave a tiny smile and slipped an arm round my waist, resting his head on my shoulder. "thanks."

"you're welcome." I whispered back. At last, I'd be able to meet Teucer's family.