Stage (Just Another Love Poem)

This is just another love poem
Full of meaningless mush
Foolish sayings and old clich├ęs
And sappy sixth-grade fluff.

I could say again and again
That you break my heart in two
That you're the first one,
You're the only one,
That I can't live without you.

And I could endlessly repeat how much
I love you
Need you
Want you,
But nothing would ever change.

"Should I smile because
we're such good friends,
or cry because
that's all we'll ever be?"

But if that's the way
That I feel...
I'll just have to be stronger
Than steel.
For I can't pretend that my love
Isn't a teary-eyed
adolescent dream of
but I also can't pretend
that it's just a
wistful game of

So this is how I feel about you,
If you don't like it, fine.
But I won't go on compromising
myself for thinking it's

Author's Notes: I get this all the time. My dad doesn't outright say it, but when I don't agree with him, when I feel anything but what he thinks I should feel, I know he says to himself that it's "just another stage". This is directed at someone else, of course, but the theme for the poem comes from the frustration I get from my dad (and even sometimes my mom) about the teenager thing.
For your information, what I said in the fourth line of the first verse meant that it's on the maturity level of sixth grade, not that I'm actually in the sixth grade. Just to clear that up. ^_^ My sister is, though, and that's probably where it comes from.
The rhyming comes and goes here as I liked. Rather obnoxious of me, eh? Oh well. A deteriorating rhyme scheme can be symbolic, though, if you'd like to go through the trouble of figuring out how to make that work. *g* Anywho, it explains itself pretty well. Any questions or comments, review and/or e-mail me and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks!! ~MJ
Date of Composition: Saturday, June 1, 2002, 11:45 p.m.