Epilogue: Concluding Stars

After the last great battle to defend the Earth against the wrath and judgment of chaos, the heroes that took part in the events dispersed, after having only truly united once. Though it was a brief union, it would thereafter go into history, and even into legend, as a time when there was no such thing as difference, or age, or power, or adequacy. There had only been those heroic ones who banded together, ignoring their own selfish desires, and united to slay beasts and to preserve life. But after this one glorious union, they became scattered, and a need for any future gatherings of the heroes never rose up again.

Following is but a brief account of what destiny each hero took, once the union of Stars ended……


Sayrah Antonnanise Dela Ancravienetta

Tenki, the Star of Music

She gave her life to stop the Uroborus, but her legacy will live on forever. Greg thinks of naming his first daughter after her…if he ever settled down.

Diana Jade

Tenko, the Lone Star
She married Zet a year after the events, and helped him mediate the human/demi-human conflict. She is considering participating in the next Tournament of Champions, but motherhood is a more important pursuit to her. Later, she reunited with the people that raised her, and even helped house her friend Dr. Elenia Dallahart.

Dana Quincy Withers
Chisatsu, the Searching Star

She still loves adventuring, even as she takes on more responsibilities in the Fleet. She can be seen wandering around aimlessly, but she is always there for her friends when they need her. Currently, she has been investigating her original family's roots, and is considering going into the difficult pursuit of dating. Both Gregory and Cattia remain steadfast friends--and doubtful skeptics.

Zatore Esgaroth Thrindale
Chiri, the Star of Justice

After marrying Diana, he changed his occupation and began working as a diplomat. He became the father of a small but lovely family, and has since revived the Thrindale family fortune. Also, he bought the opera house where he and Diana spent their first date together, and can be seen there from time to time, playacting as a "noble Elvin knight".

Sahn Jeroxera Jaltoh Runtharee
Tenbou, the Savage Star

He continued to get into battles and trouble, as usual. Currently, he is trying to open a legitimate business, but whether or not it will succeed remains questionable.

Gregory "Shift" Jakeem Rodriguez

Chikou, the Cunning Star

After mourning over Sayrah's death, he left Earth once again to live as he saw fit. His mother later married a kind man, and he continued to live in freedom and peace. After experiencing so much pain and joy, he has finally decided to go out looking for a girlfriend--but considering his luck, it might take him awhile. In the meantime, he remains a constant friend to everyone he knows, mainly Dana, Cattia, Jerwon, and Sahn.

Woolyford the First
Chijyu, the Beast Star

He disappeared along with Dustin soon after the events. His current whereabouts remain unknown, to the chagrin of a group of scientists who are still pursuing him. Remains a gigantic blabbermouth, except in the company of others.

Cattriana Romana Prepells
Tensyo, the Swift Star

She gave up her wild ways to work in a legitimate business for Marshal Abigail Withers, but she still finds old habits very hard to break. She and Dana continue to make a remarkable team, and with Tania, Jerwon, and Greg at their side, there is nothing they cannot do. Cattia later vowed that in ten years' time, she would retire from being the Space Cat and would settle down with somebody, but even this is unlikely.

Dustin "Lance" Harper
Tenritsu, Star of the Standing Spear
He vanished without a trace with Woolyford at his side, and is still looking to settle a long-standing score with Minerva. It is unknown whether he was able to exact justice or forgiveness…but he remains ever-vigilant. He hopes to one day sire a son and teach him the ways of his old master.

Jerwon Nodsten
Chifuku, the Hiding Star

He temporarily ceased his Eidoleya to be with his friends, but still looks forward to resuming his travels. He visits his friends at the circus as much as he can, and attended many of their weddings--but as for his own romantic pursuits, they remain skewed. Vows to one day reach the end of the universe.

General Ilyich "Redwing" Brokolov
Tengou, Star of Conflagration

After assisting Sayrah in the fight against the Uroborus, he vanished without a trace. It is rumored that he is working full-time with the White Dove Fleet, but neither Dana nor Marshal Withers is confirming this.

Melena Fara'dellyn
Tenyu, Star of Heroic Ferocity

She is currently trying to locate Atman so she can train under him. Is still annoying and/or befriending everyone she comes in contact with, and remains joyful and eager for the next challenge. She prays for Stone's success every day, and hopes to see him happily find his way in life.

Titania Tia Prepells
Chiyu, The Helpful Star

She went into a job for Marshal Withers with Cattia, and remains the voice of reason for the duo. Currently, she is trying to discover who her true family was, but for now, she is happy working on her ship--and working, and working, and working…

Ketra "Gauntlet" Glang

Tenrou, the Goal Star

She is currently making plans to go on a quest of self-improvement with Melena. She is still stoic and antisocial, but the events of the tournament and the forest have softened her heart and eased the difficult past she was witness to.


Chikai, Star of Earthly Guidance
The mystical Kitsune continues to aid and guide those who are lost in life.

After the tournament, he vanished without a trace, most likely to return to his home planet.


After the Tournament, he went on a journey to find people who could accept him for what he was.

Cedro "Redwing" Fontano

He retired from being a mercenary to live with his brother.

Sean Giliam
He retired so he could spend more time with Cedro.

After the Tournament, she returned to her home planet for personal purposes. She makes it a staple in her life to visit Greg and his family once a year, and of course, to pay homage to her old friend Jerad.

Seraph Stone

After parting ways with Melena and Jerwon, he set about the task of rebuilding his culture. It is unknown whether or not he found Seraph Jewel--or if he ever connected with Melena, for that matter--but the noble Seraph is never far away from his friends, or an adventure.


Is being pursued recklessly by Melena; however, some say that he vanished into the mists of time after winning his final fight.

Emily Rogue

Eventually, after much consideration, she decided to accompany Jerwon wherever he went, but she has plans to return to her home world and repair the political damage inflicted on her family. She also wants to reclaim her championship title, but will have to fight Diana, Sahn, Melena, Greg, Gauntlet, Klarana, Malecanthrite, Dustin, Minerva, and countless others to get it.

Cord Roy

Died honorably in Pandora Base. Sometimes, when she is very bored, Cattia will think of him.

Marshal Abigail Withers

Continues to protect and serve those who are unable, but is shifting more power onto her daughter's shoulders. She still loves to tease her daughter, but is proud of her nevertheless.


The forest that once housed the guardian of the Earth was empty now. It was still a quiet and peaceful place, the perfect hiding spot for one ruined or frightened--but no comforting soul folded the troubled ones in arms of soft kindness. It was an empty place now, empty save for the trees and plants and small forms of life that had found a home in it. There was a hollow feeling in the woods, and a cry of mourning from countless other forests, as the remaining Eternenenites searched for a successor to their departed Elder's legacy. The forest itself remained pristine and untouched, save for one man.

Alone, Ilyich Brokolov stood just a small distance away from the place where Sayrah had fallen. Her body had long since vanished into a mist, freeing her soul from its cage of flesh and plant. What remained, however, was a very small sprout, slightly larger than a blade of grass. It just barely poked out of the moss that it had came from, its tiny leaves still clinging onto dew and some rain. There was no fruit, not yet, nor petal or flower to draw attention to the sprout. It was a tiny creature, so full of life and yet barely born into the world. Its presence and significance was not lost to the General.

"What a fool…" he murmured quietly. "Sacrificing yourself for your goals is a waste of time. I should know; I have seen too many of my comrades do the same. The once-proud Redwing Army has allowed itself to die away, into the dust from where they were born from. All of my old allies and friends have allowed themselves to die 'for the greater good', and for what? What gain did they receive in the grave? Tell me, you foolish woman!"

No response came to Ilyich.

"When my wife sacrificed herself to calm that reactor, I lost all faith in humanity," he continued sternly. "I became cold and uncaring overnight. Bah, and what else did I get? That fool, Cord Roy, allowed himself to die in Pandora Base! And for what, so people would be freed? What is freedom, anyway? Would it have been so terrible to be slaves to a madman?

"But you, woman, you puzzle me more than any of them," he sneered. "You have allowed yourself to die almost gladly--almost as if you were looking forward to death. Was this life terrible for you? Or were you just too happy to perform your duty? I believe in duty as well, but I would never kill myself over a mere job. To hellfire, I say, and let one's own self persevere and continue to live, so they may fight another day! You make me confused… and I do not like disorder…" The General snorted, and turned his back on the sapling. He never expected an answer to come, but…

Perhaps you are right, Ilyich, or perhaps you are wrong.

"I am not in the habit of speaking to ghosts," he spat darkly without turning around. The voice continued anyway.

I died so that millions could live. I willingly gave up my own life so that this Earth could have another chance. It has already gone to waste in the Final War, but I kept on believing that it could be revived. And with the help of my Eternenenite brothers and sisters, this planet is recalling all of its former glory! Every day, one more centimeter of the world's surface is purified by all of my kind, and you can only guess what will happen if we merely wait.

"I have no business speaking to you," he grumbled simply. He began to walk away.

You should be careful from now on, General. Some people may actually have the nerve to think that you are a hero. Brokolov froze in place, stunned, and turned around slightly to bark at the ghost. He only saw the sapling.

"Bah! Fools! I am not a hero, nor do I ever have the wish to become one! Leave me alone, foolish spirit! I have other matters to attend to!" The voice did as he asked, and did not speak to him ever again. But all the words it had said were already circulating in his mind, and no matter how hard he tried, Ilyich could not get them out of his head.

A hero? Me? Nyet! What does that creature know? I am no hero!

………I am not worthy of becoming one. Fool.

And with that, he left planet Earth, and the forest of Sayrah.


A tear fell down the gentle face of Abigail Jane Withers as she leaned her body against the transparent glass shield. She smiled wistfully, and traced a finger across the small patch of the Earth that Sayrah had been occupying for 330 years. A ghost formed on the glass as she sighed on it, and when she finally peeled herself away from the glass, a small foggy impression of her face was left.

"Farewell, old friend," she murmured. Abigail sighed, and kept her brisk smile as she erased her sadness. The day had been long and hard for them all, so it was quite understandable for her to mourn. Even a Marshal of the Doves had a right to do that, and she also had the right to rest and recuperate from the long, final battle. Still smiling, she marched from her private room back up to the bridge, where her faithful commanding officers awaited her. She gave them all a warm look, and gave her orders.

"Prepare for takeoff, Officer Mundy. We're going."

"Destination, Marshal?" asked the pilot. Abigail Withers reached her command post, and leaned on it gently as she contemplated where to go.

"Home, Officer. Let's go home."

"Home, Marshal?" She smiled at his unsure face, and spread the warm gesture to the rest of her crew.

"Yeah, home. You know the way, don't you Officer?" Keeping her smile broad, the Marshal raised her right hand, and pointed a solid index finger into the distance, where the entire universe awaited their exploration. There was so much of it before them that it was impossible to fathom it all, and the Marshal and the Earth and the Doves and the Uroborus and everything was just one single speck in the large cosmos. Abigail kept smiling, and pointed towards two glittering points in the distance--the way home.

"Second star to the right, Officer--and straight on until morning."