Author's Notes- Pure piss-taking. This is meant entirely as a parody and is deliberately written badly. Sorry, but I hate reading endless "gothic" poetry by people who refuse to accept that they're having a common dose of teenage angst. Especially when they bitch about how the nasty mean preps laugh at them when they dress to provoke.. I know far too many people like this. Enjoy.

My tears fall softly, like.. softly falling rain,
I only wear black to show my inner pain.
I hate all Christians, they're nothing but sheep,
I wear an inverted crucifix just to be unique!
I listen to Linkin Park, the epitome of goth!
Who the hell are 'The Cure' and 'Bauhaus'?
My tortured soul cries out, yet no-one cares,
They mock, they laugh, they point and stare.
When I pop out to buy a pint of milk,
Dressed in a gown of antique black silk.
I sit in my darkened room and atone,
No-one understands me, I'm oh-so-alone.
My world fades to gray, a pallete of fog,
And my heart bleeds like a dismembered.. frog.
Just cause I'm different, I'm so very unique,
I shop at Hot Topic, I'm a real freak!
I'm so gothic, I'm even bi,
And I slash my arms and long to die.
It's not teenage angst, its different for me,
I'm a manic depressant at the very least!
There's no-one who can possibly understand how I feel,
How can life be so bad, if God is for real?

Before I get flamed-
- I am not a prep.
- I do find goths hilarious, if they fulfil the gothic stereotype and then claim to be individual, and call others "sheep".
- Being laughed at by preps because of your black lipstick is *not* a valid reason to slash your wrists. But if you want to, go ahead. It'll be one less idiot in the world.
- Some of my best friends are gothic, but don't feel the need to spout about "Jesus is a cunt" and announce that they take lithium to get that fashionably fucked-up reputation.
- Wearing black, shopping at mainstream stores like Hot Topic and listening to Marilyn Manson/Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit is not the epitome of goth. Do that if you want though. I'm fans of some of those, I admit.
- I acknowledge that there are genuine self-harmers and genuinely depressed people here. I refuse to believe that every single person who writes "Gothycke Poetries Frome A Torturede Soule" is actually on Zoloft.
- I would like to again stress that this is a parody. Grrr.