~Back Story of "The Children of God"~

(Someone asked for this.)

In the tiny village of Fathan, the priest of the Christian religion
made a grave mistake. He asked God to help him prove that his village
was indeed God's chosen. What the priest didn't realize was that God
chosen Fathan, but for a different matter entirely.

For six months, the priest prayed for proof. Finally, God sent
that proof. God sent Mordeki, the Angel of Death, to warm the
priest. The priest did not heed the warining.

"Priest of Fathan, God will answer your request, but not
as you wish it to be answered. Ask him to stop. Your village
is in peril!"

"I heed you not, Angel of Death. It is told that this is the
first test of a priest's, nay, a village's faith!" With that, Mordeki
left Fathan, and told God what had been said. God was not pleased
with the priest. Because of the priest's arrogance, the village of
Fathan payed the price.

The story of what happened to Fathan is told in "The Children
of God." Please, read this, then that, and you will understand
what happened.