Three Harsh Words (From Me To You)

If I could go back in time

to that place where we first met to that place I knew I loved you
where I first took my first stumble where I finally realized I needed you
everything would be different.
I'd go to that crucial moment,
when my hatred fades away when I can't stand it any longer
and I'd tell myself; perhaps to you and I'd shout it all out loud for you
I'd say the words,
those three harsh words,
to take away my pain.
"Don't you apologize!" I'd say, "I love you!" I would scream,
"I know what happens next, "I don't know what happens next,
when tenderly I forgive you I've never loved anyone before,
and silently, stealthily, but I know how much I need you,
you sneak into my heart, and I don't care what you think,
wooing me to insensibility, don't care if you love someone else;
with violent passion left. I'll just want you even more.
Never will Every day
you kill my heart
without even bothering
to break it!"
And I'd run away, And I'd run to you,
and yes, I'd look back and look in your eyes
and that would be the very last kiss you so deeply it sears your heart
look of significance and every day I'd say it
that you would ever get and every day I'd show it
from me. to you.

Author's Notes: Nice formatting, eh? ^_~ lol...I did it because you can read it any way you want to and it still gives the same message, just with a different effect, y'know? If you read it regularly from right to left, it's like there's two voices of the same person giving a separate story on the same subject, and one voice kinda hovers over the other, and they get closer together when the two sides of the poem get closer...that's how I imagined it, anyway. You could also read just the left column with the middle parts, then the right column with the middle parts. Or, you could just read it down the middle and it makes choppy sense. =) It's pretty neat, I guess.
If you were wondering, the whole "apologizing" thing was what started my little crush--he did something very rude and then, much to my surprise, he apologized. I never saw anyone do such a thing before; I was amazed. That's why that's in there.
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email me! ( But don't expect a short explanation! You have been warned. ^_~ Thanks for reading! ~MJ
Date of Composition: 5/31-6/3/02