Like An Unrequited Lover Pines...

two souls intertwined
is it possible for those to seek each other
all through life
as if fate had destined them?
love can strike at any hour
any place
any day
what happens then
when your souls are mated together
but no good can come from it?
this forbidden love
awaits in the twilight of your eyes
I long to be close to him
to touch him
to hold him
to comfort him
and yet I do
but when the night is over
I am left, curled around my blankets
instead of him
I awake and the hopeless longing of the day snares my heart
then, the rapture of the moment I see him
and although I know he does not realize
I walk on with dreams filling my heart and mind
of the night slowly fading to bring about that first daylight
without him my world is worthless
without me his world continues ever on