I wish I could live to see space travel,
Manmade comets streaking the sky!
I wish I could see those worlds beyond;
Maybe a place where people fly.

Where men run around in big pink suits
And dance on strange green rocks,
And little purple fuzzy things
Can show us things and talk.

They'd look at us and laugh out loud
At what strange things are we
With our clumsy limbs and big gray suits
And slow technology.

They'd giggle at our squabbles,
Exclaim to every star
They'd not understand that we were 'bout
'Cause they'd never known war.

Then some explorer from our earth
Would take in hand the job
Of explaining to these fuzzy friends
Why man made mothers sob.

Stop! said one small purple man,
We know this thing called war
We've seen it's cost and felt it's clutch,
And know what it is for.

You see, we've long watched ones like you
That quarrel for land and sea
And after all the pain you dealt,
We chose harmony.