Evergreens Laugh At Us
By: ShinigamiForever

Maybe it was the flurry of
dancing dresses or the ribbons and chiffon wind
or maybe
the tapping shoes and broken sunglasses
or maybe
the roaring music with the underlying slow laughter

and maybe
that was why
there were crying girls in the bathrrom
and crying boys in the locker bay
and silent lovers holding hands
and broken couplse lying in the hallway
or it might have been
the soda caffiene in the air with
tomato sauce napkins and
candy wrappers littered with lipstick stains.

It might have been a lot of things.

The shoulders pinned against brick wall
or the red face branded with a slap
or the cold light which refused to melt.

A lot of things.
A lot of reasons why he fell from grace.
A lot of ways I helped.
A lot of beauty in the revolving carousel we became.

(there is no closure)

A/N: inspired by the 50s dance our school hosted for us and the soap opera my friends' lives have become.