Butterfly Wings of Gold

A tender, elusive touch,

A swift smile to make my heart flutter,

I write them on my wish-list,

Deprived from your heart,

Tied back with black velvet ropes,

Valuable time I missed,

And to have you close to me,

A dream that won’t come true,

Though it never gets old,

Fantasies of your luscious lips,

Your inviting, gentle arms,

Your butterfly wings of gold

The Autumnal colours,

That are your mysterious eyes,

Enchanting and deep,

You are my wondrous muse,

My greatest inspiration,

You’re in my mind as I sleep,

Forever in my thoughts,

Paving roads of lovesickness,

I cannot ever be told,

To hold myself back from you,

To stop embracing the glory of

Your butterfly wings of gold

Shards of stained glass,

Red pieces of my fragile heart,

Broken by the bullet you shot,

Even if my feelings were known,

Became knowledge to you,

They would easily be forgot,

For I am just the admirer,

Dedicated in secretly loving you,

I wish my mind would be bold,

But for now all I can do,

Is pray for your embrace,

Your butterfly wings of gold