Her skin was so pale you could see the blue veins underneath. Her hair was light brown with hints of blonde and red. Her eyes were sometimes a chocolaty brown, sometimes reddish brown, and sometimes black. She loved computers, books, math, night, and her cat. She hated soap operas, bad writing, and the incessant ticking of the clock on her wall reminding her of all the sleep she didn’t get. Blue half-moons underlined her dark eyes and she rarely looked completely awake.

She hacked into computer systems for fun, but was too honest to steal anything. She hung out with her friends at the library. She was a half blood. She was the terrible result of a human and vampire’s union. She was cursed by both worlds. She was beautiful. Zachary watched her every day. He’d been watching for almost two months. Every night she watched the sunset and he’d watch her. He was also a half blood. The result of a vampire and werewolf’s union.

Jazmyn walked out onto her porch to watch the sunset. Her pale skin shone in the last faint rays of sun. She went back in after the final weak rays disappeared. Zachary let out a soft sigh as she left.

Note from Shadow: This is one of the new stories I’m working on. You can blame my overactive imagination for the lack of updates this week…well, maybe the sunburn has something to do with it too. Send coffee!! Oh, yeah, and you could check out my other stories. I promise to update soon!