"We're beginning a training program…"

            "For what?" Jazmyn asked obliviously.

            "The war," Zachary answered, having more non-human contacts.

            "War?" she asked clueless.

            "Between the vampires and the witches," Zachary answered.

            "The drow have formed an alliance with us as well," Kederin interjected. Zachary nodded. He had heard rumors.

            "What does that have to do with me?" Jazmyn asked, raising her tired eyes to meet his. In her glance were facts Kederin didn't want to face. Her very life was torture. She could only sleep at dawn and dusk because of her mixed heritage and she had barely any will to eat because of her vampiric side. Nor did she need blood. Life was a torturous struggle to retain some semblance of normality. She looked away again.

            "They will teach you to fight, to use your natural talents and strengths. You'll be an unstoppable force," he said pleadingly.

            "I want free books," she replied in an excited childlike voice.

            "Whatever you want," Kederin replied.

            "I want and endless supply of Spartan Soda!" Zachary exclaimed.

            "Whatever you want or need you will have," Kederin replied agitatedly.

            "Cool." Zachary said. He had nowhere else to go. Jazmyn had a lot more to leave behind than he ever would and that was somehow depressing.

            "You're going?" Jazmyn asked, surprised.

            "Sure," he said shrugging.

            "I don't want to be alone," Jazmyn whispered, moving closer to him.

            "If you're coming we need to go," Kederin said glancing around him nervously. The witches might decide they wanted these two on their side and he couldn't allow that.

            "We're coming," Jazmyn said assuredly.