My Morning Glory Apostle Against A Plaster Wall

If it is attested that
He is but the wall and all
Hidden colors: he is
The flowering
Vine, the clambering
Green clinging to the
Aberrations in the beige-plastered solidity.

The wind
Takes him. He is a
Banner. Flagging. No one
Has to be
Right. He looks like
His name may be "David" but it
Is not. I cannot be certain.
Outside it is
May 31st, and he has
A pretty dappled look to his
Faraway eyes. (I-would)run is
He thinking he(would)run:
Like a vine
Without a wall.

Only wind:

"David" was not a prophet:
"James", or "Andrew", in green
he waits and I would
rather like to
wait in the shadow of his
freedom he steps off the
sunlight interweaves with his
leafy profile-

I did not mean prophet
I meant apostle.

I believe his eyes
Are now blue(they-were-before-were-they)
The morning glory
Shading offset and underscored
By plaster-casting. He smiles. He smiles.


My apostle