Confidential Records- Paranormal Species of North America Inc.

Name: Selene Mondkind

Age: 17

Occupation: student/hacker/hunter

Known aliases: Shadowhunter, Kirra, Firewalker, Michelle DuVault, Leslie Fairchild, Casey O'Malley, Rhea, Tabitha, Tweety, Dark Star, Moonchild, Sarah Smyth

Physical description: Shoulder length black hair, violet blue eyes, 5'5", medium build, likes to wear long black coats to conceal weapons.

Mental description: Violet aura; streaks of lightning appear frequently

Warning: Unpredictable, mentally unstable; has been trained since age nine and is considered dangerous. Avoid eye contact. All witches, hunters, were creatures, and others on the side of good are warned to stay away from her as she may become disloyal at any moment.

Parents: Rhea and Luke (deceased)

Siblings: None

Known weapons: Ceremonial blade, numerous crossbows, guns, etc., psychic powers, is known to occasionally carry a sword.



            I laughed as I read the 'confidential' report on my computer screen. You'd think that with them knowing I was a hacker and all they would be smart enough to protect their files better. Not that the report was wrong or anything. I mean, I actually deserve worse and by the way, anyone out there from the PSNA, you guys left out most of my favorite aliases. Just thought I'd let you know. The descriptions are okay but you forgot to mention my bangs which I wear chin-length and pushed to the side. By the way, PSNA people, I really resent that bit about me being mentally unstable. If you think this is unstable just wait. You ain't seen nothing yet. Hehehe.

            I think Manx should add 'full time bitch and pain in the ass' to my occupation list. After all, you should give credit where credit's due. Poor Manx, your poor cushioned ass has a pain. Really, at least I keep the head of the PSNA from vegetating constantly. I smile as I shut the computer off and get my hunting stuff out. No, I'm not hunting deer; I'm hunting for vamps. Personally, I have nothing against them (well, as a species anyway) but it's the only way for me to vent my anger without being punished by the PSNA.

 Needless to say, they don't like the vamps. Personally, I prefer the vamps as leaders. I mean, the PSNA tries to create a 'controlled environment for magic'. Okay, so maybe that works for witches but whatever kind of powers I have refuse to be completely tamed. The vamps understand wild magic. Well, as much as anyone can understand wild magic. But, for now, I hunt vamps. Like the report said, I've been training since I was nine and I'm pretty damn good.

I walk out the door and am immediately assaulted by someone else's presence. No, I'm not talking about someone watching me from the corner or any of that crap. I mean that their aura brushed mine. It wasn't a very nice aura either. I wrinkle my nose and step to the side until our auras no longer touch.

"Your aura is disgusting," I inform the person.

"Yours isn't overly pleasant either," the man informs me. This isn't really news to me so I brush it off.

"Why, I think it's a vampire! Don't you know that I'm supposed to hunt you. You aren't supposed to make it easy for me. It's just not fun that way," I say like I'm explaining something to a child.

"I doubt that you would hunt me even if the opportunity arose," he states smugly.

"Why not?" I ask loving the banter.

            "Vampire princes are usually well protected."

            "True, but I'm not sure I'd even bother considering that. After all, I am 'mentally unstable'," I say letting a tinge of bitterness creep into my voice.

            "You have read that report?" he asks as if surprised.

            "Yep, can't blame them, though. Most of it's true." There's a brief silence while we both think about this and try to decide if the other is a threat. "Look, I was planning on hunting tonight so can you hurry and tell me what you want? I'm getting fidgety standing here talking."

            "Alright- the council requests your presence tonight."

            "Requests or requires?" I ask narrowing my eyes.

            "They're pretty much the same," he answers flatly.

            "Good answer," I say breaking into a grin. I admire truth, maybe because I hardly ever encounter it.

            "I'm glad you approve."

            "So, why do they want to talk to me?" I ask not bothering to hide my curiosity.

            "They will tell you when you get there," he replied coolly.

            "Hey- I mean, I might seem crazy- hell, maybe I actually am a little crazy, but you can't seriously expect me to walk into the vampire council's meeting after all the vamps I've killed. you must be the unstable one."

            "I promise that no harm will come to you while I am present."

            "Promises can be, and usually are, broken."

            "Would you be satisfied if I told you that you were too valuable to kill?"

            "Flattery will get you everywhere," I say following him down the stairs. What can I say? He's hot as hell with those sapphire eyes and darkish hair and besides, I've always wanted to meet the council. Plus, my instincts are screaming 'go' and they've never been wrong before. Maybe this is why they call me unstable…