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            The answer to my question turned out to be a very loud 'YES'. Things got worse when it began to snow. Not only did it snow, it was a fucking blizzard. I was soon having trouble walking and had to grab onto Forest so that I didn't run into a tree or something. To make things even worse, more of me was glowing with the weird runes. My stomach was now almost completely covered with them, and they showed no sign of slowing their progress.

            "I don't know what's going on here, but whoever caused this better be prepared to die,' I mutter walking through the increasingly higher snow. Forest and Ethen don't seem to be having as much trouble since they're so much taller than me, but I feel like the snow is pushing against me. It's almost as if it doesn't want me to leave. That, of course, is a very foreign feeling to me.

            Suddenly, Ethen stops and motions for us to find cover. This isn't easy in a blizzard, but Forest quickly solves all of our problems by burying himself in snow. We all bury ourselves, but it's not as easy as you might think. Forest only made it look easy because of all the time he spent in the north. Even Ethen has to struggle. I can barely dig my hands are so cold, so Forest comes over and tries to help me like I'm some kind of idiot or child. By now I'm pissed, and I say something I probably shouldn't.

            "Get away from me you fucking freak!" I hiss venomously. I regret it almost immediately. I don't regret most of the things I do; it's just how I'm built. I hardly ever say something like that to Forest, though, since I know he's so sensitive about being called a freak. I try to find the hurt in his face, but find only a blank stare, which is in some ways worse and some ways better. I can't take it back, though, and apologizing isn't really my style, so I just have to deal with the guilt.

            "Here," he says helping me hide. Unfortunately for us I choose this moment to sneeze very loudly. I really can't help it.

            "Who's there?" a male voice calls out, "What creature dares to intrude upon Nasai lands?"

            "Shit," I mutter.

            "I am a vampire prince," Ethen answers in a dignified tone that does not go with the image of him crawling out of a huge pile of snow.

            "What is a vampire prince doing out of his palace on such a night? Evil portents are in the air."

            "Evil portents?" Ethen asks.

            "Yes, but now is not the time nor place. Your companions must be getting cold by now."

            "Shit," I curse feeling only slightly repetitive. Forest and I both stand up since there's really no reason to hide any more. I'm surprised by what I see. Actually, that's an understatement. Standing next to Ethen is a man wearing little more than a bearskin. From what I can see he's hot, almost as hot as Forest. He bows to each of us and begins to walk away. We don't have anywhere else we need to go, so we follow him. Finally, we're outside a wall of fire. You might think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. The strangest thing is that I can't feel the heat that I know should be coming off of it.

            "What are your names?" the Nasai asks.

            "Ethenidath," Ethen states before walking through the gate that I could swear wasn't there a few seconds ago.

            "Why do you want our names?" I ask suspiciously.

            "The name gives power," the man says grinning ruthlessly, "With it we have power over your actions in our village. The name is truth. Without it we allow no strangers in our community."

            "No way in hell am I telling you my name. No one has power over me," I yell. I'm pissed as hell by now, and Forest is beginning to get angry as well. His green eyes have darkened to a color that's almost black. Only if you looked closely could you see the green hidden in their depths.

            "No one?" the man asks smiling cruelly.

            "No one," I reply icily. This man obviously doesn't know me very well.

            "Let Ethenidath go," Forest says glaring at the man.

            "Unfortunately, he cannot go. He must stay until he has paid his debt to us."

            "What debt?" Forest demands.

            "The debt he created for himself when he murdered our allies. The debt he acquired as he killed women and children. When he repents the debt will be paid in the pain he feels."

            "He's a vampire you fucking lunatic! They don't feel bad when they do bad shit. It's just the way they are!"

            "Why then do you travel with him? Furthermore, why do you let a defenseless young woman travel in his company?"

            "I'll show you defenseless you fucking pig!" I begin planning on cursing until his ears bleed. Forest decides to interrupt me, though. I really need to talk to him about why that's a dangerous thing to do.

            "I understand what you're saying-" Forest begins in a calming tone.

            "Yeah? Well I don't! You're getting pissed at him for not watching over me when you're taking the only one of us who knows where we fucking are away! How am I going to get the fucking glowing to stop without his help?"

            "Glowing?" the man asks. Oh shit. I really did it now. No sense in hiding it now. I pull up my sleeve. I don't expect him to smile and laugh, but I also don't expect him to squeak like a mouse and run in fright. I stare after him for a few seconds too stunned to speak.

            "Shit," I mutter.

            "Ditto," Forest replies. We begin walking again, guessing at the direction. I've finally come to a brilliant conclusion and decide to voice it.

            "The vamp world sucks ass."

            "Yeah," Forest agrees. I don't think I'll ever ask if it can get any worse again because you know what? The answer nine times out of ten will be a resounding 'Yes'.