By:Andrew Troy Keller

Molly Richardson was a waitress working in McHale's Dinner on Oakland Street in Toledo,Ohio.One night after work,she went to the Fargo Arms apartment building on Lincoln Ave. to check on her friend,Sharon Remini,who had a UFO experience.

But when Molly got to Sharon's apartment,the place was an extreme mess and Sharon was on the floor with a black eye.When Sharon came to,she told Molly that she was visited by a stranger dressed in a black suit.

Sharon was scared out of her mind.To put Sharon's mind at ease,Molly went to Randy Cross' place on Buckeye Street and asked Randy to keep an eye on Sharon.

Randy agreed.But when Molly and Randy got to Sharon's apartment,Sharon was dead.There were fingermarks around her neck.And her murderer was still in the apartment--in the bedroom.

Randy ran into the bedroom to confront the stranger,who was dressed in black and got a real mean look in his eyes.The stranger went through thewindow.Randy looked outside for the stranger.

The stranger was gone.Two months later.Bicentennial Riverfront Park,Columbus,Ohio.Park Ranger Max Bowser found Frank Rogers stabbed to death on a park bench.

Then,Max turned around.There was the Man In Black.Max demanded the stranger surrender.Instead,the stranger took off.Max ran after the stranger.But after turning a corner,the Man In Black disappeared.

No one knows where,nor when the Man In Black should strike next.Only one thing is for certain.Beware the Man In Black.He is danger.He is poison.He is death.But,maybe I can help.

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