A Poet I Am

I always wanted to be an artist...
I wished that I could draw
Wished that I could paint my thoughts
And feelings as I see them
Make them stick
Like paste so thick
On the minds and hearts of
Oh, but I do that
Not with paints and
not with color,
sometimes with pencil and
sometimes with paper,
but always with words,
and everyone sees
what I see;
A poet, a poet I am.

I always wanted to record my dreams...
I wished that I could see
All that happened inside of me
Everything that went on
When I slept at night,
What I saw when there was no light
And I wanted to show
Oh, but I do that
Not when I'm asleep and
Not when I can't think,
Sometimes when it's dark and
sometimes when my subconscious takes over,
but always with a mind of its own,
and everyone sees
what I see;
A poet, a poet I am.

I always wished I could riddle and rhyme...
To lift their spirits so high,
Make them laugh until they cry,
Die laughing in their joy.
I thought of how they felt
And how their hearts would melt
When they'd give in to their laughter
Every time.
Oh, but I do that
Not when I tell a joke and
Not when I make a face,
Sometimes when I take a new perspective,
sometimes when I say something unexpected,
but always with an unseen smile,
and everyone laughs
when I laugh;
A poet, a poet I am.

Author's Notes: A blurb that popped into my head about what it is to be a poet. ^_^ All these verses apply very much to me, and I hope that (at least if you're a poet, or any type of writer at all) at least one of them also applies to you! I'm kinda proud of this one...I usually don't come up with particularly good stuff on the spur of the moment, let alone something that explains so well! (Or is it just the opposite? Hmm.)
The whole poem is pretty self-explanatory (I love that word), but the more confusing verse here is probably the third. The whole reason I started writing poetry was for humor; I'm a big fan of Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss and I love anecdotal little rhymes that view things in a new light or with ridiculosity (*g*) expand on a silly subject. I, too, enjoy making people laugh or at least smile; so being a poet works for me there, too. ^_^ Just in case it didn't make sense to you, that's wholly where it comes from.
There's some rhyming here, but not much, and the same "template" was used in all three of the verses; they should have some congruency (I think I made that up...). Such as certain words being in certain places, rhymes being placed in the same lines...etc. =) That's it! ^_^ Thanks for reading; if there are any questions or comments, contact me!! =^) ~MJ
Date of Composition: Tuesday, June 4th, 2002 ( 11 p.m.)