“Many years ago, in Nova Scotia, there lived a coal miner. He lived with his wife and beautiful daughter, Elaine. They were all very happy. But then, one day, the wife died of a mysterious illness. Elaine and her father were devastated, but nevertheless, they went on with their daily lives, and soon after, the coalminer remarried a widow of a wealthy French man. The widow had inherited the French mans fortune, so when they were married, the coalminer and Elaine went to live at the Estate. Thus, the dark times for Elaine began.

The widow had 2 daughters (save Elaine). Their names were Adrienne and Bebette and they were as mean and ruthless and rotten as their mother. No sooner had Elaine walked in through the door of the estate, had they assigned her to do all their chores.

The coalminer was enthralled to see that Elaine was so happy with her new sisters, for she never wined or complained when they gave her chores, but did them with a smile on her face. But really, deep down inside, she was not happy.

Not even a year after the coalminer and the widow had married, the coalminer was killed in an explosion at the mine where he was working. And for the second time, Elaine was traumatized. Her stepmother, who had now been widowed for the second time in her life, didn’t really seem to be agonized at all! For being bad actors was another trait that she and her daughters shared.

Even though her stepmother let her stay at the estate, Elaine was made to sleep in the barn and do all the chores, which included, but were not limited to the following: Scoring the big house at least every three days, cleaning the bathrooms, washing the floors every day, pruning and watering ALL the flowers in their benevolent garden, feeding and grooming their fat ponies, and making sure that stepmother, Adrienne, and Bebette, were always as beautiful as possible (this involved a lot of make- up.)

One day, while going to the market to fetch some Lobster for their supper that night, Elaine took a shortcut through the woods and lost her way. Across the wood floor, Elaine came across a donkey, which was strewn askew on the ground, his leg was cut open and bloody; a large wild cat had attacked him.

“Here you go, little fellow.â€