They Made Me Stay

This apocalypse bleak and drawn
I cast my shade over the scattered leaves
The cell wall gravity defying
Seeking shelter behind that shattered glass
Solo in this world of wet
I hide the storms inside me, brewing
They made me stay

But through the stained mirror eyes are unkind
The aging siren dissatisfied
To behold such a creature dying
Was enough to send my heart crying
And my lips bled by my own teeth
The titan bellowing his replies
They made me stay

Painted in sound, chaos laughs loudly in my ears
And he drives me to the depths of Hades
Every lip form like
A vulture ripping at my veins
And I turn away
But shallows hand beckons me return
They made me stay

And after the twisted crown halts its turn
The house divided in bitter discord and violence
This chamber a safe haven from the gravity of shadows
And the past weighs me down
Makes me bleed
And I sorrow
Because they made me stay