Blind Spot

sorry about that
didn't mean to rub
on you the wrong way
all i wanted was to have a good
time, but that's all i was to you
more time you had to spend
doing something you'd rather not
with someone you'd rather not
be with, but i insisted, blind-sighted
as i am, i didn't see it
didn't see that you hated me
didn't see that you couldn't take
my nagging and lame jokes and
all around personality
didn't see any of this coming.
i apologize
for all those times i called you
friend, for all those times i depended
on you, and asked you for advice.
and i hope you'll forgive
me for leaning on you shoulder to
cry - didn't know it bothered you that much
didn't know you couldn't stand to hear my voice;
see my face; touch my skin.
didn't know any of this was coming.
funny how you can go through life and
not see all the people that hate you
and loathe you
and laugh behind your back
but you helped me overcome that
and thanks to you,
ill see all of this coming next time.