Thrilled To Be Loved By You

By Carter Tachikawa

(Ha ha! I finally got my computer to work! So I'm back to writing all over again. New song, totally brand new song. Please read and review. Thanks!)

The first time I fell in love, I thought I was complete
From all the dreams I had, I was swept off my feet
But how soon it died, romance was not around
Felt as though I was picked up and thrown down
I thought I lost it all. I thought it was the end
I thought about giving up, never to fall again
Then you came along and called out to me
Unlocked my frightened soul and set it free

But then again, it could have been worse
You could have left me and that would have hurt
Broken and beaten, I'd have to start anew
Yet here you are, standing by my side
And now I see there's no need to hide
All the love that I'm feeling for you
I'm thrilled to be loved by you

Somehow you sensed my sorrow, taking a glance
Throwing caution to the wind, taking the chance
You knew I needed to be lifted out of the dark
And you healed the wounds placed on my heart
In your eyes, I saw that blinding light
And I saw how you would change my life
In your soul, I found a love buried underneath
So strong and true, I saw that love was for me


You saved me when I fell through the crack
I threw love away and you threw it back
When I got stuck, you pulled me through
You loved me and I'm thrilled to be loved by you