Deep in the mist on the World of Myst, the prophet sat at the seams of time. He peered through the wafts of mist as if searching for something. Suddenly he stopped. He leaned forward looking at the window in time's mist. Then he spoke.

"When eons have passed,

And doom has come,

Life and Death,

Are known to some.

They are hidden,

Trying to return,

But they shan't,

Till their powers turn.

Death save a life,

Life bring a death,

And so they shall,

Take their foe's breath."

The prophet paused and turned around, just in time to see the mist unwrap from the newly carved words on the main pillar of the temple behind him. He walked up the stairs into the temple before the statue of the God and Goddess with joined hands. He knelt before the statue and felt a hand on each of his shoulders, one gentle, one strong. He uttered a few words.

"Thank you my gods." And pitched over dead.

A DragonBlood Promise


King Josen and Queen Faern of Caldeer, the forest realm of elves, loved to explore. In fact, that's how they met, they had been following the same stream, one going upstream, the other going downstream.

Six turns (months-7 total) after the birth of their baby daughter, Saili, they were exploring the cliffs near the Caern of Dracon (Realm of the Dragons). While they were up in a tree scanning the horizon, unnoticed by them, their daughter started crawling towards the cliff edge. When she was almost to the edge, her mother happened to look down at her.

" NO! SAILI!!!!! STOP!!!" The queen screamed, jumping out of the tree and running towards her as the king followed. Right as Saili reached the edge she stopped and looked back at her parents, smiling for the thought that she was exploring like her parents. Then the earthquake hit. Saili was knocked over the edge by unseen forces, right before her mother reached her. Faern screamed and started crying as Josen reached her and started crying too.

As they stood at the top of the cliff, Josen holding Faern in his arms, a dragon flew up from right below where she had fell. As it landed behind them it became its human form. In her arms she held a baby.

" Is she yours?" She asked as they turned around.

" SAILI! Saili . . !" Faern ran over still crying. " My daughter . . .she's still alive! How can we ever repay you for saving her life?" She asked as she took her daughter.

The dragoness pulled two scales of the end of her ear, her golden eyes glinting, then she pulled a small bit of blood from her arm and dipped both scales in. Then, so lightly so not to hurt her, she touched Saili's cheek, causing a tiny pinprick of blood to appear, which she dipped both scales in again. She held up one and put the other in Faern's hand.

" One thing I shall ask of her in the future, shall she-or you not let her- do it, she shall suffer the Dragon's Blood curse." And with that the Dragoness turned back into her natural form and flew off over the cliff.


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The Dragon's Blood Curse is a curse where if a blood bound promise between a dragon and a human is broken. It has the one whom broke it suffers approximately an ari (week, 13 days) (shorter if weak willed, longer if strong willed), then dies. A dragon's human form: their ears look like their dragon ears, only smaller. They have their dragon eyes, sharper teeth than a humans, but not as sharp as their natural teeth. And they have really sharp and hard fingernails/claws. (this is for a friend who knows the basic plot and is confused about the human form thing)