Small fingers curled around the door's edge as the boy of about ten peered through the

opening. His dark hair covered his worried black eyes, shining in the pale light of the moon.

"Momma?" A figure stood in the heart of the large full moon that centered on the balcony. At

his word, she turned, her white wings folding.

"Yes, Lionar?" she asked quietly.

"Why didn't you tell me about  . . . that?" She strode across the room, pulling him from the

other side of the door and embracing him.

"I wanted you to have a happy childhood, without those memories."

His small arms reached around her, hugging her back.

"Thank you, Momma." Silhouetted by the moon, black, feathered wings sprung from the young

god's back.

The next morning, three pairs of wings soared above Myst, the white feathers of the Goddess,

the black scales of the God, and the black feathers of their child, Lionar.

~The End~


~The Final Author's Note of this story~

With 126 pages, 50691 words, 1816 paragraphs, and 4968 lines . . . . It's all done . . .

I've been working on this story ever since the very ending of eighth grade, going through bouts of writer's block (the longest-a whomping six months), bumps in the story, returning to add stuff. Pretty noticeable is how my style of writing has changed since the beginning, and the slow aging of the characters is shown through that.

Something a tad creepy-

-In the author's note of chapter 11, I wrote

"My magic 8 ball says I'll be done with this story in May of 2004. We'll see if it's right."

I finished this story about the 24th of May, 2004 and was waiting for the two year anniversary from its first post to post the ending.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me write this, from Raevyn Maxwell, my bestest friend, to the roleplayer Aithne who only signed onto the site once. The roleplayers at Myst helped a ton around chapter three, some of the pieces with Karyn are then almost word-for-word from one of the boards. I've bounced ideas off of Raevyn forever, thus her character got used a nice bit, she was one of my favorite small characters. Raevyn is also the only one who has reviewed the past, let's see, 5 or so chapters?

Also, a grand thanks to the people who have reviewed this story (if you haven't reviewed yet-review now!)


I'll be posting a glossary soon, with the terms, characters, and places. Also coming soon, the giant prequel to this story; telling the many lives that the god and goddess went through. It will also be a history of Myst-the god and goddess influenced their world in many of their lives.

It'll be titled 'Miraki' for their many tries to return the 'forbidden child'.

Well . . . I'm sad to say this, but,

Goodbye from A DragonBlood Promise.

*starts crying*